Forgetting What Simple Is

While the  boys slept I filled their Easter baskets with the simple items I had chosen for them and then made a ribbon maze around the house. Each boy had their own ribbon leading from their bedroom door and they wound downstairs, outside, under the table and all the silly places Paul and I could think up. The other end of the ribbon was tied to their basket.

Neither of them got it. They kept asking where their balloon was. 
Brilliant boys I've got.
They know what type of ribbon balloons from the Dollar Tree are tied with.

Their innocent request for a balloon at the end of the ribbon made me pause and think -
Why, exactly, did I set their expectations so high for all the following Easters when a simple balloon would have made them giddy with excitement? It certainly wasn't on purpose. In fact, I intentionally tried to keep it simple- all that was in the baskets was bubbles and books. 
But I missed the mark. 
Compared to the elaborate baskets being sold in the stores it was simple.
Compared to the pictures you see on TV and in magazines it was simple.
Compared to some of the plans I have read on varies blog posts it was simple.
But I was comparing. Not intentionally. Not judgmentally.

I just forgot what simple was in reference to two little boys.
My two little boys.

Next year we will do the ribbon mazes again.
It was a lot of fun!
But next year at the end of their ribbon will be a balloon.

*we did our Easter baskets Saturday morning as Paul has to work Sunday*

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Jessica said...

You know, I love how intentional you are with everything....and how much thought you put into things. Bravo. Your boys are blessed.

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