Spring Cleaning

We are loving this beautiful weather - with highs in the 90's we have practically been living outside with the hose.
Either living outside or decluttering inside. I recently read the book Power of Less by Leo Babauta and it was just the kick I needed to start my decluttering. I highly recommend this book - it is fairly short, easy to read and categorized by chapter meaning you can easily pick and chose the subjects that interest you. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

In the past few weeks I have been amazed at the amount of stuff I have piled together to pass on to others, send to the thrift store or toss. 

JD. Roth recently wrote an excellent post about spending based on who you are, not who you hope to be. Wow - it was a great post and I think it translates over so smoothly when trying to decide what items to keep and which items to get rid of - own items based on who you are, not who you hope to be

Have a closet full of clothes that are too small hoping you'll lose weight and be able to wear them someday? Pass them on to someone who can wear them now. 
Have a large pile of cookbooks but always use recipes from online or from memory? Consider passing the cookbooks on to new bride who might be starting her own collection of recipes
Have an electric wok in your kitchen hoping you'll someday perfect Chinese cooking but have no time to do it now? (cough Paul Morris cough) Pass it on to someone else who might be interested in such a hobby.

Money Saving Mom is running a great series right now encouraging people to downsize and declutter - it's been an inspiration to read and you may enjoy it too!

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I will be heading to my library today and now I have a book to pick out. I was stoked to see that it is available at our local libary. The book sounds like a great read and an inspiration! I am a minimalist at heart who is sharing a home with 4 kiddos, my hubby and homeschooling...needless to say, that makes bing a minimalist difficult at times!

Chelsea Rae said...

Jess if you liked that book you should check out "Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne. I have it by my bedside right now, I go back to it constantly!

Bethany said...

Mmm, sounds like a good read. I like how you have your box #97. My boxes go only up to #9. Once upon a time I had a list of what things were in which # boxes. Maybe you read her book too?

Jessica Morris said...

Haha Bethany. If only I was that organized! I was consigner number 97 :)

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I checked out The Power of less and I am already on chap 3...it is a good read. Apparently, he wrote another book titled The Simple guide to a Minimalist life. That may interest ya too. Thanks for the suggestion!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for the links. I need some spring cleaning inspiration here. Jackie

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