What We're Eatin'

We've become crabby people.

Well. Crab lovin' people.

Two weeks ago I decided to make crab patties and they were amazing!
We've had it three times since then, and we all really enjoy it.

I don't exactly follow a recipe when I make them, so they've never turned out quite the same - I don't think you can really make it wrong though. Just add whatever sounds yummy to you, and then it has to turn out, right?! That's my theory...

So very loosely, this is what I use:

Imitation crab
Bell Peppers
Spicy Mustard
1 Egg (beaten)
Bread Crumbs
Black Pepper
Red Pepper

*The first time I made this I didn't add the beans, but we make large batches of beans every week, and the second time I made these I had some on hand so I mashed up about 2 cups of beans and added it and it added SO much "weight" to the patties and was really good.

-Cut the crab and peppers and onions into small pieces.
-Mash the beans up and add to the crab and peppers/onion.
-Add all the other ingredients to the bowl.
-Make into patties.
-Cook on lightly greased skillet for 3-4 minutes per side.

I serve it in toasted bread, and it is really tasty!

We were both pretty surprised that we enjoyed this meal! It is now a repeated favorite, and there are even prepared patties in our freezer for an easy, last minute meal.


Fun With the Wii

We bought a Wii over the holidays with some Christmas money we were given and we have had so much fun with it!!

We bought a used one with a bundle of games, and we soon discovered we weren't fans of any of the games (other than the Wii Sports), which was quite a let down.

But then some friends of ours generously lent us some of their games and our love affair with Mario Kart and Mario Party started. It was nice testing out the games without putting the money out for them ourselves before knowing if we'd like them or not.

But like them we did, and we decided to take our bundle of games to Game Stop and see if we could get enough money for the games we didn't like to buy the games we knew we did like.

And boy did we ever!! The store is currently running a deal that if you bring in 6 or more games you get 40% more credit. And if you pay $15 for their gaming magazine you get an additional 10% credited to the games you bring in and then 10% off the games you buy.
So we ended up getting 50% extra credit for our games due to the deals, which ended up being $115!

It was all just store credit, no cash, so we turned around and bought the games we wanted plus a couple others that looked like fun.

And now you may never hear from me again.

Because I have turned into a gaming addict.


Milk & Swimming Lessons

Judah is taking swimming classes - or more accurately, an intro to swimming class.
He was doing really well at digging, kicking and bubbles until we made him go all the way under the water and then swim to me unassisted. It didn't go over so well.

He stopped digging. Stopped kicking. And stopped blowing bubbles.

He started whining. Sometimes screams. And when his head goes under he always sucks in water.

So I have started practicing these swimming-skills at home.
We lay on the carpet and "kick, kick, kick!!"
I put a toy a few feet in front of us and we "dig, dig, dig" towards it.

And I give him cups of milk with a straw and tell him to make bubbles.
Oh what fun those bubbles are!!

I remember as a kid being completely enthralled with milk bubbles.
And my parents not being so impressed.
In fact I'm pretty sure they told me I wasn't allowed to blow bubbles in my milk.
And ever since then I have carried this desire in my heart to encourage my children to blow bubbles in their milk.

Judah is now an official milk-bubble-blower.

And it's a good thing milk doesn't stain.

Because milk-bubbles can bubble over.

And I sort of understand my parents dislike for milk bubbles.

But not quite enough to forbid them.

So bubble on Judah! Maybe soon you'll be doing it again in the pool.

And maybe one day after that you won't be allowed to do milk bubbles again.


Sharpies & Shootsacs Go Together Like....

There is a sweet contest going over at MCP ACTIONS. One Shootsac by Jessica Claire will be given away by the end of this month! (And the deadline to enter is tomorrow.)

Head over to MCP Actions to get your own picture entered representing why you need to win the Shootsac for yourself. If you need help coming up with a reason why you should win it my birthday is coming up in June. The Shootsac would make a marvelous birthday present.

Oh and yes, I entered the above image of Sharpies. Because if my Sharpies have a home my sweet ol' Frank should have a home too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



Cheerios are his second favorite thing in the world. I am still his first favorite.


From a Hottie to You

This guy has always had personality, but in the last week or so he's just been busting with it! He is SO much fun, and I have been quite happy to neglect the computer to have fun with him.

His latest thing has been to hold out his hand to me and say "Hand momma? Hand?" Then when I take his hand he leads me around the kitchen table in circles, giggling. Or he'll take me outside and show me the neighbors dogs. Or he'll take me to his blocks and ask me to play with him.
I have decided I don't want to miss the special thing he has in store for me when he asks for my hand, so I won't say no to his sweet request.

Which means a whole new balance has to be found... and long story short, I've determined that I will only be on the computer when the littles are sleeping and Paul is otherwise occupied. And that will include my work-time on the computer too. So while the blog will continue to be updated, it won't be very often.
The littles are too important. And they won't be little for long.

Judah's buddy gave him some underwear and he wears it on his head... a lot. I tried putting it on him like normal people wear underwear and he cried and said "No momma, on head!" So on his head it went. And stayed. As soon as we move the potty training is going to start!

This morning Judah helped me make some Banana Muffins. His job was to lick the bowl. He did it quite well. We made a whole bunch of "baby" muffins and we enjoyed eating them for a late breakfast.

When Judah got up this morning he greeted me with "Hey hottie!"
Oh how I love this boy :)

It also hit him today that he's two. He held up two fingers and yelled "TWO. It's TWWWWWOOOO!" And then he held up two different fingers and giggled and said "TWO!" And then he picked up two toys and told me "TWO!" again.
I love his enthusiasm.
It's contagious.


Did you Know?

Coffee Rose.

Chocolate Sparkle.

Burled Redwood.

Hitching Post.

Earl Grey.

Grape Jewel.


Thin Ice.

Walnut Grove.

Cosmic Dust.

Did you know there were so many cool paint names?! Now you know :)
That is all I had to say.

Our house-to-be.



We are slightly addicted to smoothies in this house. I got an amazing deal on frozen fruit a few months ago and our freezer is packed full of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, so generally our smoothies consist of one or more of those flavors.
Sometimes we do Peanut Butter and Banana ones too.
We tell ourselves it's healthy and good for us.

For the most part we're convinced.


The Going Ons In Our House

I have tried to blog. Really truly.
My blog wouldn't let me.
I kept getting error messages.

It's true.

I have also been busy. Really truly busy.
And the few times I have tried blogging I got error messages.

Life is about to get much, much busier over the next month and a bit ... we are about to buy a house! Our very first house.
And we're so excited.
But trying not to be.

Just in case it falls through.

But we have found a house we adore.
We have negotiated the price.
The closing date - the day we can move in! - is March 15th.

But there is an enormous amount of things to be done.
Paperwork things.
Inspection things.
Things I don't understand.
Things that make me glad Paul does understand.

Paul's a great man to have around.
Like at Judah's party.
He couldn't get the second candle blown out.
There's a lot more responsibility when you turn two.
Like having two candles to blow out instead of just one.
He got the first one blown out just fine - because he'd had practice last year blowing out just one.
But that second candle stumped him.
But his daddy-o stepped up to the plate, quite literally, and huffed and puffed Judah's cheeks til the second candle blew out.
Told ya Paul was a great guy!

Judah enjoying his cupcake:

Wesley munching on a truck. Doesn't it make you wish you had a truck to munch on?


We had a party for Judah this week and everyone ended up with rub-on tattoos, baby included :) There will be more pictures later!
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