"It's because she's pregnant"

At least I have an excuse for my new found 'stupidness'!! From putting dirty dishes up in the cupboard with the clean ones, to 'losing' a recipie card for a full twenty minutes WHILE I was in the middle of making the thing on the card (only to find I had put it back in my recipie binder!!) - I am certainly losing my mind!

Spen and Steven have only been here for twenty four hours, but already the phrase "It's ok. It's because your pregnant" has come out of their mouths more times then I can count. From me finding a huge fat man on a supped up sports bike funny to me craving ice cream enough to treat them both to it if they'd go to the ice cream store with me.
Now that the phrase has been created for me I think I'll adopt it.

These are the lines I am practicing:

"Sorry Paul, none of the laundry got folded, it's because I'm pregnant."

"Lets eat out tonight, again, because I'm pregnant."

"We can only watch chick flicks since I am pregnant!"

"I can't fill up the gas tank because I am pregnant!"

"I need a back rub and foot massage because I'm pregnant."


Nicole said...

LOL you are cute! And it must be because you are pregnant ;) I read that you finally posted it on CW. They must have been sooooo excited for you Jessica! I know I am very excited! Have fun being pregnant. I want to use the "lets eat out because I am pregnant" excuse today. Too bad I am not pregnant lol. Maybe I will just say "lets eat out because I am cute". Think that'll work? :)

Jessica Morris said...

Of course it'll work Nicole!!! You're too cute to not take out to eat =)

This morning we were playing Texas Hold 'em and I totally beat them and they turned around and said "It's because you're pregnant." Hehe, it worked against me that time!!

Nicole said...

LOL you are awesome Jessica!

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