Baby in the belly

We are now telling everyone so I might as well post it on here too - we are pregnant! We are absolutely thrilled =) I am thirteen and a half weeks right now.
Friday was our first appointment and we were able to hear the babies heart beat!!! It was so exciting! After that they did a whole bunch of blood work, which wasn't very fun, but they shouldn't have to do too much more of that =)
My next appointment is three weeks from this Wednesday and they're going to do an ultra sound!! Hopefully it won't be too early to tell the sex of the baby! We really want to know!!!

My regular clothes barely fit me now - none of my pants do, and only my "big and baggy" t-shirts do. It is so much fun shopping for an entirely new wardrobe of clothes! I have vowed to not wear ugly clothes throughout the pregnancy. I have discovered that there are a lot of very ugly maternity clothes out there - it is my goal to avoid all of them!!! And I am well on my way... my super cool and thrifty sister got me all the (nicely kept and stylish) maternity pants I could possibly need - jeans, dress, khaki, cords, sweats and pjs - from our favourite place - (Markham's) freecycle. And then Natalie and Mrs Beange surprised me with two really nice shirts. I can't wait for the belly to grow and to fit them all properly - I am still at a rather akward size!

This past weekend was tons of fun - we had Eric and Carrie over Saturday afternoon for a fundue supper. Mmm, yum! Paul had made meatballs - he rolled out about 200 of them!! - so we had those, some veggies and bread to dip in the cheese. One of the grocery stores has cheese on sale for $1/half a pound of pre-grated cheese, so it made for an inexpensive and yummy supper. ( I feel the need to defend myself in regards to the fact that my husband was the one to make the meatballs *ahem, mother dear* I mixed up all the ingredients minus the raw meat as raw meat has been making me queasy - I do cook for my husband, and the cooking he does do is because HE enjoys it!!) After supper we played a very fun game of 'Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus.' None of us had ever played it before and it was interesting to say the least. Paul and Eric won the game =)

Sunday morning we went to church with Eric and Carrie, then rushed home to do some grocery shopping and get everything ready for Mr. and Mrs. Beange who were coming that evening for the night. Poor Paul slept through most of their time here (having worked the night shift) but the little time he spent with them, and the time I had with them was really nice =) Other than family and Amanda they're our only Markham guests!!! Come on Markham people!! We would love to have any of you come for a visit - Paul can cook you a very nice meal =)

Speaking of visits... this will be a busy week for us. Spenny and Stephen Barnett may be coming here from Wednesday - Saturday =) I am excited at the thought of that - those two are so much fun, and to think, I can take them grocery shopping with me and have them carry ALL the groceries up the flight of stairs!! I won't stock up on groceries till they're here to carry it all... hmm, maybe pay for it too?! :)


eder4jesus@yahoo.com said...

Hey Jess, CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you and Paul. Just take it easy with your eating habits *_*. You don't want to end up like a balloon like me before. C-Section hurts you know. However, eat healthy food. Here's a site that helped me during my pregnancy and even until now: http://www.babycenter.com

Amanda said...

Hey Jess... been meaning to write to you to hear how your appt. went. Glad it went well... I want to hear all about the baby names! Craig and I went camping this weekend... and did a 10 mile hike in the highlands in a place called Glencoe... look it up and try to see some pics of the place. Beautiful! Love, Me

Essie said...

I'm going to be an Aunt!!! Finally;)

Shawn said...

Congratulations! Don't let Spencer too close to the baby ;)

Becki said...

Yay! Congradulations! I'm so excited! Love,

mum said...

I am so sorry Paul that you have to do so much cooking...you are too kind! I honestly did teach her better than that, I don't know what to say... love, mum

Tonya (29red) said...

Jessica, I am soooo very proud for you and for Paul....please enjoy every minute and be blessed with your changes. If you need good daycare...just come on to Ga!

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