Great movies

Christy has inspired me... a list of great movies - great being defined by *me* - no room for rude comments from Paul or Noel!

Girly movies:
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Senseability
Jane Eyre
Gone with the Wind
While you were Sleeping
Princess Diaries
The Importance of Being Ernest
The Prince and Me
Anne of Green Gables
Little Women
Ever After
My Fair Lady
Cinderella Story
Return to Me
Seasons of the Heart

Fun Movies:
Herby Fully Loaded
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang
Princess Bride
Cheaper by the Dozen
Yours, Mine and Ours (the old one)
Father Goose
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad world
Ice Age
What's Up Doc?
Finding Nemo
Freaky Friday
The Wizard of Oz
Five Children and It
Series of Unfortunate Events

Other movies:
Fiddler on the Roof
Sound of Music
Batman Begins
Indianna Jones
The Great Escape
The Notebook
Finding Neverland
The Man who would be King
Pirates of the Carreabean
The Jacket
Anna and the King (or The King and I)
National Treasure
Jack and the Beanstock (The Jim Hensen version)
The Ghost and the DarknesS
Hotel Rwanda
The Hiding Place
The Inn of Sixth Happiness
Four Feathers
Sarah Plain and Tall
Little Lord Fauntlaroy (I butchered the spelling of that name.)

Paul's movies: (I have not watched these)
The Matrix
War of the Worlds
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Fight Club
Interview with a Vampire


I wish he were here in my arms

So how pathetic am I? My darling left today for a men's retreat in West Virgina and I am missing him SO much and moping around. It's two in the morning and I can't sleep. I miss him. I can't wait till he gets home later today.
I did have an enjoyable evening, though that empty, lonely, longing feeling was there throughout it. I went over to Nathan's and Anita's (directly across the hall!) and played airplane and spit wars with my one year old nephew. I had pizza and coke there. It was lots of fun.
Then I came back to our place and watched girly love movies and worked on my scrapbook till I was sick of looking at it. I can't say that I am enjoying this "break" from Paul because it gives me the chance to watch girly movies - because he happily and willingly will watch them with me. (But shh! Please don't tease him about it, I don't want it to stop!!) Watching mushy romance movies WITH a mushy romantic man is absolutely wonderful!! =)
Five weeks and it is Christmas eve. Isn't that crazy?! I am so excited!! What do ya'll do for Christmas? Any special and unique traditions?


I am so excited!!

Christmas is coming =) And that means there will be lights and egg nog and wrapping presents, and singing Christmas carols, and snow and Christmas baking . . . call me shallow, but I love these things. All of those things make me so happy - and this year they will all be shared with my husband. Our very first Christmas spent together.
Last night my darling helped me hang garland and berries in our apartment, and then helped me hang garland and lights on our door. It looks so festive and wonderful. I think he secretly likes it too. I think he is as excited about Christmas as I am. He would just never admit to it.
We still have more decorating to do for Christmas. And of course baking. And Christmas presents need to be completed and wrapped. We do have a nice size pile of wrapped Christmas presents... so exciting!!


Figuring this out

I am suppose to do laundry, dishes, clean the living room, wrap presents, respond to several emails, make bill payments, go grocery shopping, return things to the library and take my husband lunch... but I am sitting here at the computer trying to figure out my blog. Talk about priorities!!
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