I am so excited!!

Christmas is coming =) And that means there will be lights and egg nog and wrapping presents, and singing Christmas carols, and snow and Christmas baking . . . call me shallow, but I love these things. All of those things make me so happy - and this year they will all be shared with my husband. Our very first Christmas spent together.
Last night my darling helped me hang garland and berries in our apartment, and then helped me hang garland and lights on our door. It looks so festive and wonderful. I think he secretly likes it too. I think he is as excited about Christmas as I am. He would just never admit to it.
We still have more decorating to do for Christmas. And of course baking. And Christmas presents need to be completed and wrapped. We do have a nice size pile of wrapped Christmas presents... so exciting!!


Christy said...

You've got a big jump on things - I bet it looks wonderfully festive in your home. *smile* I love those shallow things as well. There's something wonderful about eggnog, Christmas lights, and carols that makes me feel peaceful and happy. Gotta love those warm fuzzie feelings!

Anonymous said...

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